Puppy is a nervous to go potty in public, outside where is not our home garden? Tips?

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Never thought I’d ever have this issue… our big problem with our pup at the moment is gettin him to go to the bathroom in public while we’re not at home. He is totally fine to go at home, we don’t have accidents in the house and he’s an overall pretty laid back dog now. If we’re at the park/visiting a friend/traveling (etc) he will try to hold it in as long as possible. I’ll take him out every 15 or so mins if we’re out to get him to go, and even then it take ages. When he does we treat him and give him loads of encouragement and congratulatory pets. After all that he is still nervous and gets distracted going, and will get frustrated. Any tips? Would be awesome if he could go as easily as any other dog lol

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