Puppy is a homebody and doesn’t like walks

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Long rant ahead, sorry if its not in proper format I'm kinda new to reddit. This is all just like a blurp of my thoughts due to frustration. This is also crossposted to R/puppy101

Last month, my boyfriend got a puppy. She is now a 13 month old mini dachshund. He works 5 days a week and I am currently unemployed and searching for a job so I stay at home most of the day and I watch her. I make sure to put her down for naps every so often in her pen that is in the living room or her crate which is in our room upstairs. If she's not napping in her crate or pen, she's with me in the living room where all of her toys are.

The issue we are having is that she HATES walking on a leash. We have a harness for her and then a regular 6 foot leash. She tends to run away when we try to come toward her with the harness. Oh yeah, I should mention that she doesn't like to listen 98% to us when we call her name or say come. So she hates going outside for walks. We live in Florida and in a townhouse, so it's hot out and we don't have a large yard, pretty much just a patch of grass in front of our walkway, so we will take her to a larger patch of grass two townhouses down. Usually, she doesn't have an issue going pee, but potty training is still a work in progress. (and as I type this she just peed, after being outside, lol) Anyway, back to walking on a leash. Pretty much, she won't. We usually have to carry her to the patch of grass that we want her to go potty at and if we want her to walk with us to the poop trash we have to carry her. If we want her to walk she'll just plant her feet and not move. Since she's so small we can easily give a little pressure on the leash to get her feet up, but we'd rather not.

Earlier today I wanted to go on a short walk to the next townhouse, that is maybe like 50 feet away, and she wouldn't move. So I decided to pick her up and carry her to where I wanted to go. She started squirming and whining, so once I got to where I wanted to go, I put her down. She immediately started RUNNING (as fast as her little legs could go on a leash) towards our walkway and knew immediately where to go. I tried again in the opposite direction, and she did the same thing towards our house.

I'm just frustrated and not sure how to get her to like the leash and going for walks. HELP! Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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