Puppy Is A Glutton For Attention

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My pup is a 6-month old Aussie mix (rescued around 4 months of age) and he LOVES people. He'll see someone 20 feet away and start wagging his tail. The closer they get, he begins to pace around and whine (this is on leash). I'm trying to practice asking him to be calm before we meet someone. I've asked him to sit calmly, I reward him with a tasty treat, and then we move closer. However, I feel like when we get close, I lose absolutely all control over him as he rolls on his back submissively, jumps up on the person, licks them, tries to jump at their face (not aggressive, but it makes me nervous), and on rare occasions will pee a little. I've also noticed that sometimes if the person stops giving him attention and is engaging in conversation with me or something, he'll begin to demand bark.

The hardest part is controlling other people's reactions. Most people I've met seem to welcome/reward this behavior; "He's just being a puppy!", "That's how puppies show their love!", "Don't be too hard on him!", even when I tell them ahead of time that we're practicing polite greetings and to please wait to pet him while I have him sit calmly. It seems like other people think they know best, and it can be tough to be assertive without coming off as rude.

How can I improve my training tactics here? And the way I as the human interact with people we meet? Criticism is welcome. Thanks so much!

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