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Looking for some help with our new member of the family, a black lab – Theo.

He doesn’t seem to like peeing in front of people. We have pads down in the house for any accidents and if he needs to go he will find the one round the corner etc. If we do get him when he is about to go in front of us (or if he wakes up from a nap so will need one) then we take him outside.

This is where the problem starts, EVERYTHING on thee floor is food to him. He was part of a big litter that was fed on the floor with no bowls. So even more than a normal puppy he eats anything and everything because he assumes that is food I imagine.

He has already had a dodgy tummy so we are trying to keep a keen eye on him when he is outside to stop him swallowing everything. But this means he never seems to wee with all the distractions of picking up grass/bird poo etc. Along with us having to take it out his mouth too.

Do you have any advice? Feel like sometimes he gets it and goes to the door then pees straight away when he goes outside (lots of praise for that of course!). But if he doesn’t go straight away then he doesn’t go till we are back inside (usually in secret)

Appreciate any help 🙂

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