Puppy Honeymoon

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On Wednesday, I took home two shiba inu puppies. It was unexpected for them to arrive as early as they did. Their mom is a terrible mother and was starting to get considerably aggressive with them, and it was decided that it was probably better for them to start socializing with my two dogs who are very good with puppies than to continue the next week and half separated from their mother without an adult dog in the mix. They're now seven weeks.

So, this is the first weekend, and I'm sitting here waiting for the chaos to begin. Levi nips too hard but is learning to cool it just fine after a couple eeps and being corrected by Mars once or twice. The introductions to my two older dogs went as flawless as it could go. Both sleep through the night and are following the shiba stereotype of being born housetrained. They're eating just fine. Levi learned how to sit and touch before we even took them home. Mika is the runt and is a lot more calm but has a bit less drive than Levi so hasn't been as easy to train but isn't expected to be. Neither of them are having any difficulty with alone time, handling or being separate from each other. They're confident, well-behaved and seem pretty happy. Levi is bonding perfectly to my step-daughter and Mika is bonding particularly well to one of my cats and my fiance.

I'm expecting this to be the calm before the storm. There's no way it'll be a smooth ride, not in my house, not with puppies and definitely not with shibas.

Puppy Tax Mika is the red one, Levi is the darker colored.

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