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We got our pup last Thursday and we are struggling with some stuff.

Sadie is 8 1/2 weeks old and is being taken outside to potty every 2 hours after every meal and after naps. She seems to understand the phrase go potty. She will go once you set her down and say go potty. The problem is that she still has daily accidents in her crate. We’ve even made it slightly smaller but it didn’t change anything.

There are moments where she seems to stare off into space and it concerns me. I often think “is she special?” Our 2 year old lab picked everything up so much faster. I know it’s only been a week but Abby had potty down right away.

We are currently watching her like a hawk. We don’t let her do anything we don’t like. We try and redirect her. My question here is… when does it get easier?

On a positive note.. she loves her crate. Complete opposite of Abby. With Abby we have into her whining to quickly. Sadie whined a little but now will take some of her naps on her own in the crate.

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