Puppy has been home for 3 weeks

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Hello Reddit,

I'm hoping i can get some direction.

Our 11 week old puppy is starting to get used to our potty routine and accidents are happening less and less. We have sectioned our room into two and have our puppies crate and playpen on one side and our 2 year old lab has her crate and plenty of space on the other. We have the room sectioned off because we read that it is really important for the pup to bond with its humans first. We let them hang out outside supervised a couple times a day but they don't have free access to each other just yet.

When is it ok to let them live with each other without needing supervision? When is it safe to let the pup roam?

When they do hang out our puppy loves to play with our 2 year old lab and she loves to play rough. She keeps attacking the neck of our 2 year old and our 2 year old responds by pinning her by the neck when she has had enough. Abby the 2 year old shows restraint and doesn't play too rough.

Is this behavior ok? What should we be watching out for?

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