Puppy has a hard time settling down when tired.

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I have had my puppy for 5 days and he is doing so well.

He settles down really well when we put him in his crate, and goes right to sleep. However, when he is out of his crate, he just wants to play play play and does not settle down even when he is clearly super tired.

He is getting 5-6 1-2 hour blocks of play time every day in between his naps. I am thinking that maybe he is getting too much play time and so towards the end of the day he is really tired, and as a result kind of spazzes out instead of settling down. But when we put him in his crate he falls asleep super fast.

Does anyone have a suggestion for this? I would love it if after a long day of playing he could relax on the couch with us and watch a movie instead of having to go to his crate while we are on the couch.

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