Puppy growling??

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We’ve had our puppy for a week now and he’s been fantastic! He is now 10 weeks old (male English Cocker Spaniel) He is being crate trained Every now and then we bring him up on the couch with us to relax with a dedicated blanket which he will happily sit in and sometimes fall asleep. The last 2 days though when we try to pick him up or just move him so he doesn’t slide off the couch he growls a little, and tonight he growled a lot and even got a bit more bitey than usual! Then when we tried to play on the ground with him he got even more growley when being handled and it actually frightened my wife a little bit.

He’s had a big day so I’m not sure if he is just overtired or if it’s some kind or dominance/resource guarding type thing but we want to correct it before it gets any worse!

Any tips would be very helpful!

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