Puppy got so anxious from being put back in crate at 6am she made herself throw up

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So my girlfriend and I are trying to teach our 14 week golden doodle pup to sleep later in the mornings. She currently wakes up at 6am latest, often more like 530. We tried recommendations from other threads: take her out to pee when she’s up, keep it boring and then put her back in the crate. The result was 5-10 minutes of terrible whining before making herself vomit in the crate. We immediately got up, cleaned it up, etc. She looked as happy as ever the second she got her way and was out of the crate. As a next step, we then took her to the living room and laid down on a couch. After 5 minutes of entertaining herself she came and curled up with us and fell back asleep (hence the writing of this post at 640am).

Any advice on what we could have done to be more successful or help her sleep later given the failure above? (Note: we’ve been trying to get better about crate training, etc. but she still mainly only likes going in at bed time and at no other time)

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