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So my 5 month old golden retriever got attacked 5 days ago and he has not wanted to go out for walks or to the park since then. We were at a dog park we got to every 2-3 days and an older husky was playing a little rough and when I saw that I literally turned my back for a second to grab his leash to go and the dog was biting and pulling at his upper lip area, he did bleed a little but it more just spooked him and also scared him because the dog started barking as well and so far he’s never been barked at directly. He’s still getting his exercise because our backyard is huge but I would really want to take him on walks again. I have been taking him to pet stores and Home Depot and he’s completely fine but if I try to take him to a park ( not a dog park) or just try to walk him in my neighborhood he’ll just plop down and won’t move. He’s fine with people but he just doesn’t want to be around other animals. Does anybody have any suggestions? I have tried high reward treats as well as regular, I have been super encouraging and being excited to try to get him to walk but nothing.

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