Puppy goes nuts on approach to dog park.

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My 8 month old puppy (Male, desexed, Jack Russell x Spitz) loves the dog park; its his favourite thing in the world, so much so it overloads his little brain.

When he realizes where we're going he starts whining. When we pull up in the parking lot he starts shaking yipping, the second he's out of the car he starts barking at dogs through the fence and pumping all four legs pulling on the leash to get to the gate. He's so excited to get to the park and greet the other dogs I can't control his behaviour, which is bordering on antisocial.

When he's like this he won't listen to commands or even acknowledge me. I can put a treat in his mouth and he'll just let it drop and ignore it, he's focused on the park and nothing else.

Once he's inside the gate or can greet dogs through the fence he's fine. He plays well, greets properly and leaves the low energy dogs alone. He'll come when called and follows me out without having to put the leash on before the gate.


I've tried waiting with him in the car until he settles down, he just goes nuts when he's out.

I took him for a 16km walk/run first to tire him out, he still had the energy to freak out.

I've tried waiting various distances away, bringing him closer when he's calmed down then taking him further away every time he pulls or barks.

He's a very social dog who is never aggressive, but now when I make him wait nearby he gets frustrated and barks and growls at the dogs going past. Trying to close his mouth to teach him not to bark just makes him angry with the other dogs, but not me. When he is too much he doesn't get to go to the dog park but he can't seem to make that connection.

So, any tips for chilling a dog out that I haven't tried, or any idea how to train a dog that will focus on the park more than peanut butter?

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