Puppy goes crazy around pee pads — Need Help

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I got a 4 month old corgi puppy two weeks ago, and he is very well behaved EXCEPT for when he starts chewing his pee pads.

My coworker gave me a huge pack of pee pads they had lying around, and my puppy sometimes tries to chew them. The only problem is, once he starts chewing them, he goes from being a perfect little angel to being the puppy from hell!

He is usually very calm, sweet, loving, and playful, but after I tell him to stop chewing the pee pads (typically by grabbing them and repeating “Drop It!”) he starts freaking out: whining incessantly, barking at the top of his lungs, biting me, digging at my rug, chewing everything in sight…. you get the picture. It typically takes him 15-30 minutes to calm down afterwards.

Does anyone know why pee pads would cause this reaction? Is there anything I can do about it? How should I handle it when it happens?

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