Puppy gets way too excited when seeing people and rarely listens to us

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I have a 5.5-month-old female corgi/dachshund mix and she is doing a lot of things that are driving my boyfriend and I crazy, but the one behavior that is the most frustrating for us is that when we take her outside to go potty, whenever she sees a person come close she will literally whine so loud like she is in pain and will not stop wiggling out of control. When she eventually does reach the person of interest, she either runs around them wrapping their legs with the leash, or she will get too excited and sprint away and then sprint back not even giving the person a chance to pet her. Early on we have tried to socialize her as much as we can, but it can be hard to train her when we are surrounded by college students who "don't care if she jumps or bites" or will get too excited when they see her and in turn get her even more excited. We have had her for about 3 months now and she still whimpers with excitement when we (mostly myself) come home (even if we are only gone for 30 minutes). Additionally, I am not sure if this is typical of a puppy this age, but she does not listen to us very well. It's like she has this attitude that she doesn't care if we tell her to come to us or that we are going inside after our walk, she just sits there and looks at us like she is better than us (I obviously know that dogs don't necessarily think that). The only time she will come is if she knows we have a treat, but sometimes even that doesn't get her attention away from being too excited about a person. We could definitely use some tips/advice! Thanks!

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