Puppy gets too distracted to go potty outside

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Hi there, I just adopted a 10 week old Maltese mix. I’ve only had her for 3 days, and I’m definitely not expecting her to be housebroken at this point, but I’d like some advice.

The issue is that when we go outside, often my neighbors are out (I live in a townhouse). She gets so distracted when there are other people outside. She’ll just stare at them and whine because she wants to say hi.

I try to bring her attention back to going potty, but she isn’t great with the leash and doesn’t know what “go potty” means yet. Inevitably, we’ll spend 15-20 minutes out there just waiting for her to stop staring at whoever is outside, and then when I give up and bring her inside, she almost immediately goes in the house.

I make sure to praise her a ton, give her a treat, and let her play for a bit when she does go outside, and if I catch her during an accident I pick her up and take her out. When it’s just us out there, she goes pretty quickly, but it’s a struggle whenever other people are out.

Any advice on how to work with her?

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