Puppy fixated on ground while walking.

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Hello all,

Every time I take my 17 week old pup out for a walk she is transfixed by the ground. When she gets her nose on something she might as well be deep in the matrix, nothing not treats or turkey or pets will get her nose unglued from the pavement. She also likes to lick the pavement as well. I'm not supposed to let her eat things off the ground, and it's super hard to tell if she is just smelling or quickly snapping something up.

It happens almost the second we get outside, so it's hard to practice being outside on leash when she is just constantly glued to the ground.

We've practiced inside a bit and she walks beautifully, right on my side, eyes on me, kind of high stepping along and obeying all commands. So I feel like it's time to start moving outside, but it's like outside it still too much excitement.

In fairness, sometimes she is great for a bit outside. She will look up at me and i will reward but it feels like 75-80% of the time she just wants to lick the ground.

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