Puppy fear aggression

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Our 17 week old maltese puppy is the sweetest/most social puppy around people, but turns into a shaking, snarling, snappy demon around other dogs. We took her to her first puppy class and this little girl planted her feet to the ground and didn’t want to interact with any of her puppy-mates. When the puppies came over to investigate and play, she started snarling at them and came close to snapping at them. My husband got bit pretty hard (enough to draw blood) by our puppy when he got in between a little chihuahua and our puppy to make sure the chihuahua didn’t get hurt. We were planning to take her to doggie daycare to socialize her more with other dogs, but now we know its not an option with how fearfully aggressive she reacted around the other puppies. Has anyone here had this kind of experience and what did you do to help your puppy work through his/her anxiety with other dogs?

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