Puppy extremely over-excited and loud when exposed to certain triggers (children)

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Hi everyone, posted last week and got some really valuable feedback so thought I'd ask for your help again.

Our 3 month old border collie/lab was raised around a lot of children before we took her home from the breeder. This early exposure seemed like a great advantage but now when we go out on walks, being around children seems to trigger her over-excitement and put her into overload. More than just children, it specifically seems to be children playing with balls or some other game that cause her to go wild.

So for example, we were at the park the other day and although I knew she might be a bit overwhelmed by all the new sights and sounds she was generally doing pretty well at adapting to the situation. That was until until two young girls came near us and started doing somersaults. She waited until the girls passed and then started absolutely howling and barking at the top of her lungs and leaping in the air. I tried to calm her and distract her from the situation but she continued well until they were out of sight. A similar thing happened this morning around some young boys playing soccer at the park.

I know she is just extremely excited and wants to play but obviously that is not always an option. Distraction through treats and toys does not seem to work in these situations. Does anyone have any advice on what I should try to do to calm her or desensitise her to these triggers?

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