Puppy eliminates for attention?

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Hey guys, first time pup owner here.

My partner and I have a 11 week old Cavapoo puppy. So far he’s been great, I haven’t had any real horror stories (yet.) and training him has been fun.

Recently however due to his confidence and being comfortable with us, he’s become a lot more bitey.

He never responded to ‘OW’, curling up, or us standing up and facing away from him, so we’ve resorted to ‘time outs’ where we place him in his room and close the door and usually wait 2 minutes, or until he’s really calmed down. (In his room is the crate, which we leave open during the day, artificial grass for eliminating and a few toys.)

Every time we give him time outs, he or poops or pees on the floor instantly. It doesn’t matter if he’s gone 5 minutes beforehand, he’ll force one out.

If he does this, we usually just leave him for a while as we don’t want him to think that peeing or pooing will get him attention. Sometimes he moans for a while, other times he just falls straight asleep.

My question is really what other things would you advise on this situation?

I accept this behaviour is obviously because he’s a puppy and should hopefully grow out of it, it just seems like it’s constant at the moment.

So in summary; my puppy can pees on command & knows where the pad is. Doesn’t have any issues using it. He ONLY EVER poos / pees on floor in time out.

Thanks guys

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