Puppy doesn’t seem to like or respect me. Please help

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I know there are a few posts like this out there, but I really hope I can get some advice/opinion on my current situation.

My partner and I welcomed an adorable 9 week old corgi puppy exactly three weeks ago. Yes, that meant we picked him up when he was 6 weeks old. The breeder initially asked us to pick up at 8 weeks but because we were not sure what our state's lock down rules would look like then, they requested for us to pick him up earlier. Knowing what I know now, I should have declined because I feel he missed out on important social time with his mom and litter mates. As a result, his bite inhibition is terrible, on top of his existing stubborn attitude.

I have read through the wiki here, looked up articles and watched YouTube videos. I buy high value treats and even watch videos of dog moms disciplining/socialising with their pups to see if I can learn from them.

The problem is although he bites both my partner and I, my puppy tends to listen to my partner when he says "leave it" or when he yelps in pain. When he starts biting me, I would do the same things but it just makes my puppy more aggressive. He does not respond to my yelps of pain. When I try to remove myself from the situation, he would charge right at me and continue to snarl and bite, making it very difficult to move away and time him out. My partner has noticed that our puppy does not sympathesize with my "puppy yelps and whimpers", and instead would keep on attacking me. Which leads us to believe that this isn't just a case of puppy biting/teething (because we would always try to redirect with a toy, a treat, or a command), it's more of him attacking me.

We've also tried to do time outs but unortunately playing in the play pen and doing time outs in there has not been very successful. He's figured out that he can pee or poo in there and then we have to lift him up to go outside. Its to the point where we'd place him in the pen and he would immediately squeeze out a couple drops even though we just took him out and he already peed outside.

We live in an apartment and have fresh grass patches outside for potty training. When we do time outs outside, puppy would just get destructive and starts tearing up the grass roots. I really do not want to use his crate as punishment but I feel like I'm running out of options.

What I am REALLY worried about is how this is driving my puppy and I apart. It really feels like we have not been bonding the same way him and my partner have. It also doesn't help that my puppy is not particularly affectionate nor docile, in general. I'm trying so hard to stay motivated, and continue learning, and I tell myself it's not my puppy's fault. I force myself to play with him and train with him, even though it is so heartbreaking to see when puppy would attack me and not listen to me. But when my partner steps in, he would listen to him. Its very discouraging to even want to spend time with my puppy when I can't seem to pinpoint any recent improvements or rewarding moments. I'm scared that the window to correct this behaviour is closing and it will cement his attitude towards me.

If anyone has been in a similar situation, can you please share your story? I'm looking to this sub everyday and yall have been so helpful. I see the puppy blues posts and hope that one day we can come through the other side. I'm in tears almost every day and have hit rock bottom a couple of times. But more than anything, I want to work through this and I know I have it in me to pick myself up and give it another go.

Thanks for reading this long post

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