Puppy decided he’d rather not go in his crate for bedtime

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Our 4 month old corgi has been very easy to crate train, so far. But the last couple nights he walks away when I start his bedtime routine (fluffing up his bedding, turning lights off, etc.) He doesn’t seem scared or upset, he just kind of shies away from me and tries to lay down in one of his favorite spots. Usually I sit down by his crate and pet him in my lap for a minute before I put him in. Now he doesn’t want anything to do with me once he realizes he’s about to be put to bed. However, once I put him in, he lies down and looks fairly content. No crying or pawing at all. Sleeps through the night (well the 6 hours that I sleep for).

Should I be doing anything different? I don’t have a lot of puppy experience and I really don’t want to screw up with him.

Also I should mention we’ve been working on crate training with great success for about 2 months now.

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