Puppy consistently chews up things and I’m not sure how to react

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I read the r/puppy101 wiki for this behaviour and I have tried what it said. So I was wondering if there is anything that somebody else has tried and works for them.

We adopted our 8.5 month old Yorkie in November so we have had her for a while now but a consistent issue we have had with her is her chewing up tissue paper, underwear, cables and tablet packets. The latter two are extremely dangerous, we know, but after the first time it happened we made sure to unplug everything in the room when we leave and to get anything she could find on the floor onto a higher surface.

Unfortunately, I have hayfever so there tissue paper EVRRYWHERE. Again, I do try to clear the room if we leave her but sometimes she just manages to find a piece and tears it up (honestly not the end of the world but still unwanted behaviour).

She will start chewing on my underwear if we leave the room for more than 2 minutes (ie. For a shower). For longer periods I usually leave her with a chew root, a chew bone, a teething toy she had since we got her, a snuffle mat and only sometimes a filled Kong. We also give her access to the window so she can look outside and put music on (also trying to battle separation anxiety).

Usually when we see that she chewed something we just say the word NO. And she looks extremely guilty. Sometimes we don't even need to say anything and she will look really guilty. I hate that. But I have no other idea how to react when there's chewed up stuff on the floor. We have never really caught her in the act, only after it has happened.

Yesterday's event is what made me write this post – we got home from a run and saw that she chewed up a packed of paracetamol, which I left under my pillow, not thinking she would find them. All the tablets were broken up and I assumed she spat them out because they didn't taste nice. The vet has been called and it's being dealt with.

What can I do to make her understand that it is unwanted so she won't do it in the future? How can I teach her to not do it because it could potentially harm her? Our way of doing it doesn't seem to be working. I will be even more vigilant of what is left out. But once I give her access to more space in the house, I can't unplug every single cable there is.

Thanks in advance!

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