Puppy Chews and Digestion

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So I haven’t been able to find any information online and am hoping someone here has noticed the same thing I’m noticing. My puppy is 16 weeks and eats her poop. There’s not much I can do because she only does it during the day when I’m at work. I usually clean her teeth when I get home then give her a dental chew. The past few weeks I’ve noticed that some of her poops have this huge hard thing in them and I’m wondering if she might be swallowing the dental chews and they’re not digesting. She did just lose her baby teeth and doesn’t have her adult teeth in yet. I assumed chews would semi melt in her mouth or digest but it’s the only thing I can think is in her poop. It’s not worms, there’s no blood. Anyone else have a puppy that swallows those dental chews?

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