Puppy chewing on roots/sticks

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We have a 10week old puppy who LOVES to mouth on stuff. We've had to fence off almost a 1/3 of our yard to keep her out of dangerous plants, but now she's moved on to roots.

We have large kiwi vines and also a spot where my husband pulled out some false cypress bushes, where there are tons of roots above the soil. Toby will sprint over to gnaw on them as soon as she goes out for potty. She prefers them to basically all her toys, and will come away for a treat, but then go straight back as soon as the treat is eaten. She also loves picking up and chewing sticks into little pieces, especially on walks.

My husband thinks this is all no big deal – dogs chew sticks, the roots aren't from toxic plants… I'm worried she's going to swallow too much wood AND that she's learning bad habits.

Should I wait to see if she outgrows it? What can I do to discourage her? Is this a "safe" habit, or am I right to be worried about her eating these things?

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