Puppy chewing furniture for attention

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Hi all! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I've tried to Google this to no end but haven't had any luck. Our furniture depends on it!

Our 10 month pup has started chewing on furniture for what we think is him looking for attention. For example, he'll sidle up to the TV stand, look at us, look at it, and then start to chew on the corner. I know dogs don't operate like this but it sure looks like pure defiance! He'll do this to the dining table, base boards and a bunch of other objects multiple times a day. Another theory is he is doing this for treats. We do not praise the action but will ask him either to leave it (or a different trick to perform) and treat him for listening, or giving him a chew toy to play with. Maybe he's learned it's a way to earn food? We've tried walking out of the room when he does this as well which will usually get him to stop temporarily but he more often than not will go back to it when we return.

He gets 3 hours of walks per day (morning, noon and evening – high energy breed) and he is crated when we are at work. We play tug and fetch with him for extra play time but he gets bored after 5-10 minutes and will look to biting things again. He does a version of this outside too where he chews the shrubs in the backyard after he decides he's done fetching. He has plenty of chew toys available at all times which he will use, but access to them does not stop this behavior.

What else can we try to prevent this? Is it just the terrible teens? Should we move into a house made of rubber?

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