Puppy can’t stay alone.Need emergency solution (more info in post)

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Hopefully this isn't breaking any rules but this is kind of a desperate situation. A little background:

Two days ago my friend found an abbandoned 8 month old puppy. Looks like a border collie. A trip to the vet revealed it had no chip and there is practically zero chance of tracking down the owners. I volunteered to take it in and take care of it for a few days untill we can find a permanent home for it. I have removed almost everything in the house that a puppy could chew and hurt itself with, given it some toys, bathed it and sprayed it for bugs. I have never owned a dog before so I got myself ready for theese few days to be chaos.

However that is not the case.It seems to be somewhat housetrained. It will obey basic commands like come and sit and is very calm when im around. I live in an apartment with big balcony's and try to keep it outside as much as possible and if im there with it everything is fine.

Now heres the problem. If i leave and lock it outside (with food,water and toys of course) it goes nuts after five minutes. At first it will cry then gradually work up to a loud barking that won't stop for at least an hour (haven't tried leaving it alone for more than that so no idea if it will stop at all). I tried sitting outside with it for a long time,then casually leave for 10 minutes,then come back like nothing happened. Did this a few times but she still cries when i leave and im afraid this will teach her that being loud makes me come back.

From what i have read this is either seperation anxiety or she is just pretending so that i come back.

I have minimised the time im out of the house but im still gonna have to leave at some point as i cant keep missing classes. So i know this is a long shot but does anyone know of any tricks to ease her into staying alone? Given the circumstances i dont have enough time to train her myself and i have already received a threat of calling the police by my next door neighbours (because aparently they are fine with the other dogs in the neighbourhood being loud occasionaly but they take issue with mine).

Any suggestions are welcome!

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