Puppy cannot be left alone

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Hi all,

I have a 9 week old husky puppy girl, and so far she's been fairly well in terms of house training and commands, but the main issue that I feel I am not progressing in is leaving her alone.

Whenever I crate her and then step out of her sight, she starts whining and howling like crazy.

I've tried to create a positive association with the crate, and doing exercises to try and leave her alone, such as rewarding her when she doesnt make a noise when i leave, but it has never lasted over 5 seconds. I also feed and give her water in her crate. Ive tried to give her bully sticks and kongs, she will get into them when im there but will ignore them completely and cry as soon as im out of sight

For the most part she seems to be at least a little comfortable, as she goes in willingly sometimes when it's nap or bed time. When she wakes up, she doesnt howl or cry (until a certain point), but that is because I am sleeping close by to her crate.

I've tried to let her cry it out, but shes even cried for an hour and gets more persistent in trying to tear down the crate door. Ive never let her out when shes been crying, always when she's calmed down.

Can anyone help me out? Is this separation anxiety? Is it too young for her to start being left alone? I feel this is so bad for having no progress with the problem, and with me going back to work in a couple weeks, I'm starting to worry about what I'm going to do

Thanks for reading everyone!

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