Puppy bullies

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So this happened earlier today. I was taking Amber, my 8mo mini golden doodle, on her post-nap walk when out of nowhere we hear a dog yapping and running towards us. As we simultaneously turn around to see, it was too late this mini pom is already mid-lunge snout wide open aiming at Amber’s leg. As she tackled Amber she got scared and jumped into my arms and when I picked her up the dog still had a grip on her so I had to grab the dog and as I did that Amber ran down the street in fear. I ran after her (and I’m so proud of how obedient she is) I yelled out to her to come back and she turns around, tail between her legs and runs back into my arms again. The owner showed up taking the dog back and apologizing and admitting that he doesn’t know how to control his dog.

With all that being said, is there anything I can do to make sure that my dog’s ego isn’t bruised or even teach her how to not let any other dogs try to intimidate her? Thanks so much in advance!

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