Puppy Bowl 2016: Puppies Play Their Natures Out In Doggone Adorable Match

Forty-nine rambunctious puppies took centre stage at Puppy Bowl XII Sunday afternoon, charming TV audiences in the often foreseen “ruff” and tumble free-for-all.

Two pint-sized units, #TeamFluff and #TeamRuff, billed onto Animal Planet’s miniature football field at 3 p. m. EST ready to play ball with a bonafide umpire on hand( with batch of doggie turd crates) to ensure it will be a good, clean match.

As if watching wobbly-legged puppies scramble over another isn’t heartwarming enough, the action-packed event’s focus is on approval awareness.

All the pooches were drafted from 44 animal shelters and save societies from around the country. By the end of Sunday’s large-hearted play date, the event’s organizers hope to have every last one placed into a good residence.

This year’s entertainment includes chicken cheerleaders and a reappearance of their wise-cracking parrot, Meep , play-by-play coverage on Twitter.

And instead of a Coldplay headlined half-time depict, kitties will take the spotlight.

The cute special is San Francisco-themed, presenting the skin balls pawing across a miniature Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and the infamous prison, “Al-Cat-Raz.”

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