Puppy blues will not win

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Ever since we became new puppy parents, I never knew "puppy blues" existed or what it was. I'd say I have a pretty strong and determined personality which allows me get through the toughest times, but man, this puppy blues crap has annoyed the heck out of me. We got our yorkie at 8 wks, now he's on his way to 12 weeks. It's more frustrating now that I let the blues get to me. Although I've been working it out for this long, it tries to creep its evil self back into my conscious trying to plant self doubt, that a puppy is not for me. The puppy is great, and does puppy stuff. So what's the freaking deal then? Tired of waking up in the middle of the night? Tired of listening to whining when put in his crate? Afraid he'll have an accident in his crate, or in his xpen when you're not looking? Afraid that he may develop separation anxiety from spending too much time with him? (work from home by the way). Afraid he might not sleep through the night one day? Dreading the daily routine when you wake up getting ready for work/school? Afraid you're work may suffer from being too preoccupied with this puppy? Scared you're not doing things right? Etc., etc., etc. Well enough is enough for me. No more comparing myself to other owners. No more googling endless hours of success/horror stories of raising their puppy. I'm sticking to the basics of housebreaking, bonding, basic training, and accept the fact that things will happen. It is time to cowboy the heck up, and enjoy a puppy that we have been truly blessed with and learned to love.

Rant over.

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