Puppy blues hitting me hard today

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I have been struggling with puppy blues every day since I got my 11wk GSD. She has so many positives – she is already sleeping through the night without wetting herself, and easy to train.

However, her biting is driving me insane. We have a puppy trainer who visits our house atm (due to the virus) and their advice was to just ignore her when she starts biting. This is definitely not working. In the past week she has torn 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. It’s impossible for me to play with her and a toy on the ground, as she will often drop the toy and pounce. She will bite anything – legs, knees, thighs, boobs, face, arms, fingers… If she can reach it, she’ll have it. And the biting is HARD. It doesn’t start at mouthing and get worse. It starts at worse and goes to bleeding. I am constantly covered in cuts and bruises all over my body. The only thing I can do is remove her from the situation by placing her into ‘time out’.

If we are not playing with her constantly while awake, she will start to destroy our furniture and carpet. Even when playing with her, she will often get bored and wander off to do something destructive. I realise she is teething, and we have tried to buy toys to match the surfaces she is constantly biting (usually wood). When she is playing with toys, she is showered with praise and treats to encourage her. I read that often the biting and destroying can be signs of irritation or trying to communicate need – we take her outside regularly for the toilet, and feed her three solid meals as well as treats during training. I am trying my best to alleviate her boredom – not easy as she is currently confined to one room while we wait for our renovations to be completed.

I have changed her schedule to include regular naps every hour, I try to exercise her as much as possible in the yard (not easy when all she will do it dig), and we practice clicker training 2-3 times a day. At this stage, I can’t even bend to fill her bowl with water without walking away with a bleeding finger. It is making it really hard to bond with her, and I go to bed every night terrified she will accidentally bite a toddler when she is 4-5 months old and it will be all my fault for failing to train her properly. I am wondering if I have made a terrible mistake getting a puppy, because I am a terrible trainer 🙁

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