Puppy Blues are REALLY getting me today

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My puppy is about 17 weeks right now and most days I love her and she is so great. She does what she is supposed to. Then there are days where I seriously want to just lock her outside and not let her back in.

Most days she does not have accidents, but on her "bad" behavior days she will pee and poop in the house multiple times during the day even if we just went outside. She will go outside but also go inside all over the place after. Then we will have a good few days without any issues and she goes outside with no accidents. I know it is still early to be house trained, but it is so frustrating because one of my friends has a puppy that is younger and a smaller breed that hasn't had any accidents in weeks. I know not to compare, but it's hard not to when they're close in age and so different. I would think that a Corgi would do better with housetraining than a Chiuahaha mix.

She's started teething and is just non stop biting. She had gotten to the point where she was almost not biting and when she did it was very soft. Lately, with teething, she goes for blood and it doesn't matter what you shove in her mouth. I've tried rubber toys, kongs, stuffed animals, etc. It's just so frustrating that I feel like I'm starting over on biting and my vet even told me I needed to get a handle on it when I took her in for her puppy shots last weekend. That seriously crushed me because she had been so good up until she started teething.

On her bad days, she also refuses to listen. She won't do any commands and when she does she bites you right after. She will pull on her leash and act like she hasn't been taught any manners.

I'm sure this will all pass and it is normal puppy behavior, but man it is hard some days.

I will say that I WAS doing forced naps up until two weeks ago. I'm debating starting those up again because maybe that is apart of the issue? If anything, that will give me an hour or so with some time to restart.

I'm just really worried about ruining her and not supporting her to be the best dog that she can be.

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