Puppy blues: 12 week old American Bully still hasn’t quite grasped potty training

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About 2months ago, we got an American Bully from a breeder. Right off the bat, she had a bunch of issues (from being, well, just a puppy and the breeder didn't enforce much training on her) like constant nipping and potty. We've enrolled her in kindergarten classes which improved her behaviour GREATLY. However, potty has been improving at a glacial pace. We've done crate training, positive potty reinforcement and having barely enough sleep to get her to go potty at the wee hours of the morning.

We are almost nearing the two month old mark and we are at our wits end. My husband has been contemplating returning her to the breeder because he is super frustrated with how things are going. I refuse to, because I believe we just have to have more patience. But whenever I see my husband's frustration, I also think of returning her. My husband is also leaving for two months for work (in two weeks) , and while I work from home – I am on a schedule and meetings through calls are aplenty.

We used to have major puppy blues and worked through it but are having it again. We've spent lots of time and money nurturing her, and are still building our love for her. But sometimes it's difficult when she frustrates us this much. She is not the first puppy we've had (we've managed to raise a Chihuahua, who is now 5 years old and the best boy ever), and have tried every possible way to make it stick.

I don't want to give her up, but I'm also worried about taking on the sole responsibility for two months while my husband is away.

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