Puppy biting is out of control

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I have an adorable 15 week old male wheaten terrier and poodle mix. He is so smart and well-behaved, but the biting is out of control! He would be an absolutely perfect puppy if the biting could be mitigated just a bit.

Things I have tried: Freezing like a statue. He typically grabs on and bites even harder that I can’t take it anymore and have to move.

Putting him in his crate. I typically do this when he has the zoomies and is out of control, but it hasn’t helped stop the behavior.

Leaving the room. This is difficult because he latches on to me when he bites and runs after me when I try to get away.

Yelping/saying ow. Did nothing. Excited him more and caused more biting.

Asking him to do a basic command for treats. He sometimes becomes so amped up that he won’t listen to me and just continues to bite.

Redirecting him to a toy. He has no interest in toys when he’s biting me and just wants to go for my flesh.

I wanted to take him to puppy playtime at Petco to get him exposed to other puppies to hopefully stop this issue, but my vet advised against it because we live in an area with a very high Parvo risk. She advised against taking him to any training classes until two weeks after he has had his final set of shots. He receives his final set in two weeks.

Please send advice or tell me that it’s going to get better soon. I’m sick of being covered in teeth marks and bruises. He’s so smart and is good at everything else, but just not this!

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