Puppy Biting Furniture but only when we’re playing with him…

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So — this is a new one for me, and it JUST dawned on me. We have a soon to be 12 week old male American Bulldog. We've had him since he was 8 weeks old. My BF and I work FT but have our schedule down to where our pup is only alone for maybe 2.5 hrs max at this point. My BF is the last one to leave for the day at about 850a. We come home, let him out and play with him at 11a and 1p. We have him confined to the kitchen and have a camera on him – so we can watch what he's doing throughout the day (99% asleep – lol). I get home about 445p and we play, go potty. He gets dinner, we go for a nice long walk, come back and more play/potty breaks for the rest of the night. He'll usually take a 20-30 min nap right around 8p. Then it's up and play till it's bed time at about 1030 he knocks out and sleeps through the night. I am trying to focus on him while he's awake and run around at turbo speed cleaning/making dinner etc. when he takes his little power naps.

So – to my issue. He chews on furniture when we're there, paying attention to him. Not when he's on his own while we're at work. He could easy chew on the cabinets (there's a corner) or on one of the wooden stools that stays in the kitchen, but he doesn't. He plays with his toys – sometimes messes around with the mat that's in the kitchen but not a ton, and his soft sided crate. When we're home – he'll play and then he'll go after furniture. I could literally be playing tug o war with him, just for him to turn and try to nip on our couch or coffee table.

We're redirecting and correcting as we go. Aside from redirection and firm vocal corrections – anything else you guys suggest? And the weirdest thing again is that we're there with him when he does it. I'd figure it's out of boredom or anxiety if we're not there and/or not paying attention to him – but that's not the case. I'm at a loss….all my other dogs (before I was a more educated owner) did it out of lack of exercise, boredom, and anxiety.

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