Puppy Biting and Socialization

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My 10-week-old shepherd/husky mix puppy is a big biter. We can sometimes get her to play with us for about 5 mins but it's like a switch goes on and she's in shark mode. She clamps down HARD on my wrists and hands. We've tried all the usual methods (redirection, leaving playtime, saying ouch but not yelping, etc) and I'm sure over time things will improve but for the moment, it's extremely painful.

For those of you who had bitey puppies, how helpful was puppy daycare/ socialization? We got our puppy when she was 6 weeks old (not our choice, she's a rescue) so she missed some time with her littermates learning how hard to bite when playing. I'm hoping to enroll her next week in a puppy preschool program that specializes in puppies who have only had two rounds of shots for safety reasons, and I'm hoping this will be my hail Mary in terms of getting her to play nicer with us. Am I too hopeful that spending the day with other puppies will teach her to stop treating my arms like a chew toy?

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