Puppy bites HARD while playing

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We got a 9 week old female labrador mix 2 weeks ago and everytime we want to play with her she starts biting our feet and growls at the same time, we tried deflecting the biting to another toy and it works but then while playing with her toy, she starts playing around our feet and then bites us, we tried a method that involves rejecting your dog (without harming her) while saying “No” till she cools off but she starts to get more aggressive so we had to stop. This has been going for the 2 weeks she has been with us, we are getting hurt a lot but we dont want to give up on her.

We know she needs more exercise but she doesn’t have all her vaccines yet, so we cant walk her yet and we only have a small backyard where she does all her needs, so she doesn’t like to play there.

We are trying to find a dog trainer but all that we have found so far are trainers with multiple dogs and she can’t go there yet for at least 2-4 weeks. There aren’t many personal trainers where i leave (Mexico) and due to the pandemic, not all of them want to come to visit.

Are there any advise for this kind of behavior?

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