Puppy bites hard and pulls even after yelping, time outs – nothing works.

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I've been reading a lot of resources but for some reason they don't seem to work.

My pup is around 3.5 months old, we've had her for the last month. We have a baby gate installed for one of the bathrooms, so her "crate" is there. She's ok with us touching her half the time. The other half she bites my wife and I, especially when she's excited. And a lot of times she bites down hard and tries to chew our hands, arms, and legs.

We've tried yelping, saying no, saying ouch when she bites. No effect. When she bites it's impossible to disengage, because she's biting so hard and pulls. Our hands are full of bloody wounds and scratches. The few times we manage to escape her grip she tries to go for seconds. Time outs don't work she just gets back to biting us the next time.

We also tried to use toys as a diversion, but she'd rather chomp on our hands and legs.

Appreciate any advice please, because frankly at this stage the scars are piling up fast for us. 😭

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