Puppy bites and nips at my feet, legs, etc.

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First, thanks to everyone in this sub. I’ve gotten so much help from everyone and both my dog and I appreciate it! He’s improved on everything I’ve asked for help on, thanks again, so helpful I get advice from others that have been there!

His current annoying behavior is biting at my legs, feet, hands/arms (if he can reach them). It doesn’t happen all the time, but I can’t pin it down to a certain time or need of because there is no pattern I can pin down for when he does it. Sometimes he’ll do it if he wants water (he has access to it at all times, it’s almost like like he needs me to remind him to drink) or has to go to the bathroom, but even after he does either of those things, it continues. The only way it really stops is if he’s exhausted and puts himself down for a nap (he gets at least an hour of walks a day).

Any help or insight is appreciated. Thanks!

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