Puppy Bite Inhibition Window

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Hi puppy owners of Reddit! Our husky / GSD mix is 4 months old now and recently started lunging for our faces when we sit on the floor and he comes for cuddles and pets. We’ve been working on bite inhibition for two months now, telling him ‘no bite’ when he does it, yelping, and praising him when he is gentle. When it’s really bad, we get up an leave, so playtime or cuddle time is over. But today he actually made contact with my face and it hurt, so I pushed him off of me rather harshly and was angry with him.

I saw a video that terrified me because they claimed you can’t teach your dog bite inhibition if he hasn’t got it down pat before the age of 18 weeks. That is super close, and I worry he’s not getting it! He gets plenty of exercise, is healthy and happy and has a ton of chewtoys, he’s not resource guarding in any way, but he has been less obedient as of late. Also, I think he may have started teething as his chewing definitely increased and occasionally we find a spot of blood on his mouth or a toy for no apparent reason.

One training exercise we do regarding the biting: occasionally I’ll put my hand near his mouth and say ‘gently’, and then he will kind of nibble at my fingers / nails, but his teeth are barely touching my skin, he’s so careful. I do this to train him to at least not bite hard (I saw a few videos saying this is the first thing to teach) but when he plays or gets excited he still tends to hurt (he hasn’t broken skin though since the one time he caught my boyfriend on the nose while they were wrestling on the floor).

Am I doing it wrong or failing him? Or is this just normal behavior since he may enter / has entered adolescence?

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