Puppy barks excessively at other dogs/people when outside

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So this is our second dog, our first dog is very quiet and social of the same breed and we've raised both since they were 8 weeks so this is very new to us.

He gets extremely overwhelmed by other dogs and people both on and off leash and will bark incessantly at them, and if given the chance will try to get in the other dogs face and bark which we know is extremely rude and can be dangerous. We've dog sat another adult dog before that he spent the first week or so barking at but the dog would correct this behavior, and he never barks at our older dog.

We have similar issues on walks where he will bark at people or dogs walking past, and we're working on teaching him "quiet" and turning around if he barks while on leash. This is very frustrating as we don't want the stereotypical yappy toy breed and it's made doing things we enjoy (we've taken our other dog out everywhere dogs are allowed since he was a puppy) really difficult. He doesn't bark excessively when left home alone, but will occasionally alert bark if he hears something outside our door. The biggest issue seems to be the barking at other dogs/people.

He's still young (6mo) and I'm wondering if this is an issue he will grow out of or if we need to work harder on training him to be calmer around other dogs and people.

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