Puppy barking before pooping

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Has anyone run into an issue where their dog barks and whines a bit right before they poop? Our 6 month only lab mix seems to do this a couple times a day. Not every time though. She seems to fight wanting to poop by sitting/lying down and barking/whining. We can see she has to go/is about to go. It is only right before she starts pooping and while she is going there is no noise, so I didn't think it was an issue of it being painful for her. It also didn't seem to be spot dependent too. Just this morning she went with out a problem then the next round in the exact same spot she fought it a bit. She's has some chronic diarrhea issues and is on antibiotics and probiotics. She's been doing great though and has solid poops but we wonder if it is related. Definitely going to bring this up to our vet but wanted to see if others have seen something similar.

Here's the pup in question https://imgur.com/a/ms9Rzi1

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