Puppy Attacks Me at End I’d Walk

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Dog Background: I have a 5 month old Catahoula/Aussie mix puppy. We’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old, very young I know, it was a Mennonite puppy mill rescue situation. We have socialized her extensively through weekly Humane Society playgroups, Obedience Club playgroups, and puppy agility classes. She starts obedience classes this week. I am home with her all day.

Since she was a tiny puppy she’s been ambivalent about walking on leash. She loves to walk/run through the off leash trails near our house, but sometimes that isn’t feasible. When we walk her through our neighborhood she does a mostly good job. We are still working on jumping when overexcited and not greeting every human or animal she encounters.

The problem starts when we cross the street to go back to our house. She growls and nips and sometimes bites hard enough to draw blood. We were advised by the obedience club instructor to hold her against our calf by the collar to kind of redirect/subdue her, but that seems to only make it worse. I’ve tried redirecting with treats, trying to redirect with a command, nothing seems to calm her down.

The other issue is I can’t always just stop in the middle of the street until she gets her shit together, so sometimes I have to just pick her up and carry her the last 50 yards to our house. This calms her down immediately, but only as long as I’m holding her. Obviously this isn’t sustainable, both behaviorally and practically since I can’t do this when she’s 60 lbs a few months from now. How do I work on this with her, especially given that it happens in a potentially hazardous area?

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