Puppy aggressive barking concerns

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Nice to meet you all. My girlfriend and I have recently gotten a morkie who is now 3 months old. We have been caring for him for close to 4 weeks now. We live in an apartment and I work 9-5 but my girlfriend works at home so we will have someone around everyday for the majority of the day to care for him. We had an issue with biting as all normal puppies do but we try to do the bite inhibition training by saying ouch and ignoring him for 30 seconds. We also provide him with chew toys to bite. We do play with him often and try to get as much exercise for him as we can. Our puppy has been biting us but specifically my girlfriend more. He seems to not bite me as much but will really go for my girlfriend's feet pretty aggressively. We have tried various things to try to decrease his biting and we have told him no biting and now he will aggressively bark at us. We have tried timeouts in quiet rooms when he gets extremely excited and it seems to calm him down. We have said no adamantly and he will continue to bark at us. However I want to be very positive with disciplining and am concerned if we are disciplining him negatively and where we may have gone wrong in caring for him.

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