Puppy aggression- I’m at my wits’ end :(

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Hi everyone, I hope you can help us. I have a 10 week old pit/lab/staffy mix female who is generally very sweet with the exception of these snarling/growling/biting fits she gets into. It seems like they happen when she's not getting her way or when we're trying to calm her down.

For example, I still have to pick her up and carry her sometimes as we live in the city and some places are not safe for her to walk. She will give me some brief warning squirms and whines that she wants to be put down but if it's not fast enough she launches into snarling/screaming and going for my hands. I don't want to reward this behavior by putting her down, so it's a real problem because she carries on like I'm really painfully hurting her and we're in public so people turn to stare. But since she makes such a scene I HAVE to put her down and she just keeps walking along like nothing happened. Her only responses to being told no are either negative (growling/snarling/nipping at whatever she can get her teeth onto) or nothing.

She can get extremely excited when playing, so I've tried basically every version of passive restraint I could find to settle her down. She completely resents it and these are when her tantrums get the absolute worst… she acts like I'm fucking killing her lol I hold her gently next to my body and try to keep her still and she just screams/snarls/growls and squirms all over the place. I don't think it's fear related because if I let her go, she whips around and tries to bite more. It takes literally minutes of passive restraint for her to calm down and the whole time I'm wondering if it's worth it or if it's doing more damage. But again, it's not just passive restraint when she throws these fits, it's with being told no or being required to do something she doesn't feel like doing.

We also ignore her and stop play when she's too rough and that seems to work, but what do I do about these fits and in these situations where ignoring her/leaving the room/restraint isn't possible? Please help guys. Thanks.

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