Puppy acting differently after returning from vacation

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My boyfriend and I returned from a week long vacation last Tuesday. While we were gone, our 5 month old lab mix puppy stayed at our apartment the first few days with my mom, went to a friend’s house for the middle part, and then was back in our apartment being watched by our upstairs neighbor. All three people told us he was well behaved and played (all of them have dogs that were around our puppy before and during his stay).

However now that we’re back, our puppy is acting different and doing things he didn’t do before we left. He’s not eating his full portions of his meals. Particularly concerning is that the middle person watching him returned a lot of the food that we had sent with him but he’s insisting he ate fine while he was there.

The puppy also seems to hate going in his crate now, especially at night. He was fantastically behaved sleeping in his crate prior to the vacation and would go in voluntarily. Now he won’t go near it and when we place him at the entrance, he freezes up. Though I can’t decide if this is vacation related or an incident of him throwing up in it on Thursday night due to a reaction to a vaccine.

He’s also whining non stop and we can’t figure out what the problem is. He’s having a hard time settling down to just chill, which he didn’t really have a problem with before. Should we be concerned something happened while we were gone to traumatize him or something, or is he just mad we left and afraid we’ll do it again?

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