Puppy 6-months old Greyhound is awful on walks

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Hello, Leon is a 6-months old Greyhound and we have him for 3 months now. Since the beginning we are training him with local dog behaviorist.

We are taking care of training our dog in the house – we teach him tricks, obedience and house rules in general. There is still much work left but we definitiely feel progress. Sadly, we can't say the same about walks.

We are training leash-walking with our behaviorist, and here is a list of exercises we trained:

– Simply feeding the dog outside, so he wants to be there

– Doing so with closed fist, so he has to stop nibbing and position himself before he gets food

– Focus training (dog makes eye contact and gets food)

– Praising and feeding the dog for following us

We got to the point when our dog is pretty well-behaved when we do the training session. We are outside, we have our food bag and the clicker, we are concentrated on doing the training and going home. Still, he doesn't really focus on us, he just craves the food, so most of the times he keeps staring at our food bag instead of us, but that's another story.

The problem is that we can't get him to focus when we are not on our training sessions. He's completely not paying attention to us, he pulls, barks, jumps on leash, never looks at us when we call for him. We might just as well not exist. Our behaviorist tells us that we shouldn't expect so much, and that there is never a walk without training session. I disagree with that. We are concentrated on training our dog, but there always will be a time when we are either not prepared (don't have food or whatever) or we just want to go for a pleasant walk. I don't want to keep feeding my dog non stop for obedience. Please help us, we have a lot of time because of the virus so we wan't to really get training going.

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