Puppy (1 year) is not interested in treats outside.

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Since day one my dog has not been interested in treats when I'm outside. He's always busy with sniffing and checking out anything else. He sometimes slaps my hand (with the treat) if it's in front of another dog. This can be quite frustrating because I cannot get his attention. I've tried "starving" the dog. Just normal breakfast but a small portion for dinner and then practice outside, done this a few times but with no result.

In the house the dog will do anything for treats, if I'm in the kitchen and want him to go to his spot I only have to point and he will walk there and wait till he gets a small cookie. If he doesn't want to go to bed I get the sausage and he will sprint to his bed.

I've practiced with getting the dog to come in the house for a cookie a few times, then open the garden door and let him outside. As soon as he's outside he forgets about the treats and will sniff and run around in the garden. It kind of looks like he's overstimulated outside.

I've tried several kind of treats. Cheese kinda worked the best but to very little result. I've boiled chicken, cooked pork and duck. I'm not giving up, his behavior has improved over the last 9 months and I'm pretty sure at some point he will loose his interest in other dogs/things. But I was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior as well.

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