Puppies who are not good around cats/kids?

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First post here; I have had my now 10 week old puppy (shelter listed as boxer/lab mix) for a week and she is really trying my patience, and sadly has me considering whether or not we need to bring her back. She is AWFUL around my kids, they’ve taken to walking around with a baby gate against their legs so she can’t bite them. She actively seeks them out when they’re sitting on the couch or the dinner table to jump up and bite them (so they are not getting her wound up, they’re just sitting). Same goes for our cat, even if he is asleep the puppy goes straight for him.

We have a ton of toys; soft and squeaky, textured chews, balls, etc. We’ve been working on come, sit, lay down and she’s learning them like a champ!

I’ve been keeping her in her crate for 2 hour naps, then about 1-1.5 hours out of “playtime”, potty stops, etc, but the playtime ends up being an hour of prying her teeth off my hands and legs, or my kids hand and legs. Do dogs that aren’t good with kids/cats start off as puppies who aren’t good with kids/cats? I’ve been to the vet with her already (shelter contract stipulation, she’s healthy!) and talked to them, but his answer was that my kids must be too rambunctious and get the puppy riled up for her to bite them so much and so hard, but like I said they could be sitting like statues and she goes right for them. They don’t like being in the same room with her anymore. She’s left cuts and bruises on us all, and I’m really afraid she’s going to kill the cat because she bites HARD and won’t let go unless I can either pry her jaws apart or force a toy into her mouth, which she then spits out and bites me.

I know there’s an adjustment period, and that puppies bite and all that. I had a puppy, who grew up into the best dog ever, my kids loved her and she loved them. But is there a possibility that she is just not good around cats/kids? They aren’t going anywhere, and if this is just how she is I’d rather she have a home where she can thrive, and not one where she has to be kept separate from the rest of the family all the time. I’m living for those 2 hour crate naps right now! I feel so guilty even having the thought of not keeping her, I’ve always been a “adopt for life” person, but my kids safety has to come first.

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