Puppies Predict The Winning Team Of Super Bowl 50 And It’s A Landslide

Jimmy Fallon was so Jimmy Fallon Thursday night after lettinga bunch ofpuppies release to determine the winner of this year’s Super Bowl on “The Tonight Show.”

The cute Golden Retriever pupshad two bowl of kibble to pick from: one for the Denver Broncos and one for the Caroline Panthers.To get them spouted, Jimmygave a little pep talk, telling the pups “no funny business , no travelling, pee-pee or butt sniffing.”

“This projects every year, ” pronounced Fallon. After releasing the gates, the puppies accused down the ramp and mobbed the Denver Broncos bowl.

That’s reason enough for meto betmy entire life savings on this competition. Check out the video above to get a peek of the cuteness for yourself, and don’t forget to tune in toSuper Bowl 50 this Sunday at 6:30 pm EST.

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